2 thoughts on “Marco Montemagno’s Lavorability, social media and the new world of work.”

  1. Very nice Corinna!! Glad to see you blogging. Glad your spirit was inspired to express and shar with us after a time of contemplation. We will learn and grow via your sharing!! Best wishes to you now and always!!

  2. Welcome back to blogging Corinna!

    It seems there’s an increasing sense among many that self-hosting a blog still is the future and social media was never necessarily the right solution to taking control of our own content.

    You’ve inspired me to pick my own blog up again, dust it off and start trying to post some of my own thoughts.

    I hope you keep this up. I would personally be eager to know more about what inspired you about Montemagno‘s talk. But, longer term, I would be intrigued to know more about your take on the current state of global politics through a social media lens.

    And, from a professional perspective, I’d also value your insights into the future of print / analogue communications and the intersection with digital.

    Put another way, I am trying to market myself as a “digital publishing professional” which is my attempt to occupy the space between communications produced digitally for publication in print and for consumption via digital devices.

    You seem well-placed to have some interesting thoughts in that area.

    Good luck with the blogging.

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